Pasture Raised Pork

We raise clean healthy pasture raised animals which are free from any antibiotics, growth hormones, wormers or any artificial chemicals of any kind. Our pastures receive no pesticides or herbicides nor any kind of chemical fertilizers. Our pasture raised pork is available for sale at the Good Local Markets, and and at our farm. Each item is USDA inspected, frozen and packaged in approximately one pound packages. We typically have the following cuts available:

Pork Chops:                                             $9.00 per lb.

Breakfast Sausage - Mild                        $8.00 per lb.

Ground Pork                                            $7.00 per lb.

Italian Sausage                                        $9.00 per lb.

Chorizo                                                    $9.00 per lb.

Bratwurst                                                 $9.00 per lb.

Cajun Sausage                                         $9.00 per lb.

Garlic Sausage (New)                             $9.00 per lb.

(garlic with bit of pepper for a very robust flavor)

Lard                                                         $4.00 per lb.

Soup Bones                                              $3.00 per lb.

Pork Shoulder Roast                                $7.50 per lb.

Sliced Uncured Pork Belly                     $9.75 per lb.

Smoked Bacon                                        $10.75 per lb

Pork Tenderloin                                     $15.00 per lb.

Pork Ribs                                                 $7.50 per lb.



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Psalm 34:8